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Sunday, May 17, 2009


All of these bracelets are original one-of-a-kind creations. Once they're sold, they're gone forever! (Until I make more :))

I have lots of more bracelets to list, but I have to fix them up first. Please check for occasional updates!

Remember to check the length around your wrist before purchasing these! Let me remind you that there are no refunds, even if these bracelets don't fit your wrist.

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B. 01

Length: 6.8 inches

Bring a garden of colorful roses with you everywhere you go!
- Swarovski crystals
- Antique-accented heart-shaped silver-plated clasp

B.02 $18

Length: 6.1 inches

Dress your wrist in a unique way with a handsome mix of pearls and crystals.
-Genuine freshwater white pearls
- Swarovski crystals
-Nickel-plated clasp (may be exchanged for a different clasp at no extra cosst. Must include in e-mail order.)

B. 03 $18

Length: 6.1 inches

Brown is the new black!
- Swarovski crystals
- Horseshoe styled silver-plated clasp

B.04 $17

Length: 6 inches

For the black and white enthusiasts who desire a different twist of stripes.
-Swarovski crystals
- Nickel-plated clasp.

B.05 $14

Length: 6.1 inches

Fancy an array of colors?
- Swarovski crystals
- Silver-plated heart-shaped clasp

B. 06 $20

Length: 6.15 inches

Just like B.05, but different...
-Swarovski crystals
- Heart-shaped silver-plated clasp

B.07 $30

Length: 6.15 inches

Have a penchant for green? Does your wrist crave for the attention that it deserves? This is definitely as eye-catching as wearing a diamond bracelet! (Just kidding.)
- Swarovski crystals
- Silver-plated clasp

1 comment:

Chomsiri said...

wow those look really hard to make! the green one is my fav!